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Is your home IN need of a professional? LET US help.

Our mission is to provide products and services that allow our customers to enjoy their free time while enhancing and adding value to their property.

As a teenager with a strong work ethic and desire to earn money while enjoying the outdoors, Ed Abplanalp started Property Services Landscaping, Inc.  Many years later with an education and experience in all aspects of landscaping, he has built up a repertoire of knowledge.   His drive to beautify and enhance his customers property has been the reason that 35 years later, his business remains successful and thriving.  Always wanting to get his hands dirty, you will see him physically engaging in every aspect of his business.  Our crews have been with us 10 years or more and work meticulously to cleanup your lawn so that you may enjoy it in your free time.  The continuity of our crew assures that you will have continuity of service and no worries about who is stepping foot on your property.  

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